How Do I Clear the Cache and Cookies in Firefox?

For best results, when working on  Adkreator aka AdCreator.Design,  Clear your Cache and Cookies in Firefox and Open Adkeator in a New Private Window as well.

Click on the 3 bars in the square box to the far-top-right shown below, then click on “Options”.


Now click on “Privacy and Security” 


Then click on the “Clear Data” Button.



Then click on the”Clear” Button.  Uncheck “Cookies and Site Data” if you can’t want to clear your cookies at the time.  You can clear cookies for one site by clicking on the “Manage Data” button.


If you want to only clear the cookie of one site or a few, click on the “Manage Data…” button.  Type in the search bar the site you want to remove cookies from.  The “Remove Selected” button will become active and you can click on it.  Then click on “Save Changes”.



So there you have it!


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