Wow I can’t Believe St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Spring Are Just Around the Corner!

Time goes by so fast lately.  It was just Valentine’s Day and now St. Patrick’s Day,  Easter and Spring are just around the corner.

This year Easter falls on March 27th, so it is in the same month as St. Patrick’s Day.

Allot of celebrating will be here soon.

It’s time for you to put up your St. Patrick Day, Easter and Spring Splash Pages, Squeeze Pages and banners.

For Templates:

Go To “Browse Templates on the Advertising Templates Catalog Page for templates for you ads:

(make sure you are logged into Adkreator First before clicking on the link above.)

Scroll Down to “Splash Pages [217]”: Page 19, 20 for Easter, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day Templates.

Scroll Down To “Splashpage Large [193]”: Page 16, 17 for Easter, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day Templates.

Scroll Down To “Squeeze Pages [144]”: Page 11, 12, 13 for Easter, Spring, St. Patrick’s Day Templates.

For Clip Art:

After you pick out and load a template, click on the clip art button in the editing section and there will be Easter, Spring and St. Patrick Day folders near the top of the clip art library.

Kreate your own Master pieces!

Have a great day and Happy Adkreating!

To your success.

Barb 🙂


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