Using Social Media for Marketing

Using social media for marketing is a great way to connect with other marketers, get to know them and find mentors to help you along the way.  This doesn’t mean that you can spam them though.  Spamming is not the appropriate way to get to know other marketers and not good etiquette.  Making friends is the best way to get to know people as well as asking for help or offering help.

I use Skype to chat with other marketers, get to know them; keep in touch with them; make announcements; and even have fun sharing funny smiley pictures; plus being supportive to them during hard times.  This is a great way to build trust and friendship.

I know 2 very thoughtful marketers who are willing to mentor new members.

They are Evelyn Kramer and Paul Germana.  They are using Adkreator pages and to help members build their down lines using their Traffic Exchanges.   They hope to help anyone who wants to learn how to blog, build their list, use an auto-responder and learn how to use Tracking for their links.   Evelyn and Paul use a Skype room to keep in close contact with the people they mentor.

You can contact them via email:

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