Use Adkreator In A New Private Window to Avoid Problems

One of my members has been having a freezing problem with the text editor after doing everything I suggested in the FAQ’s.  I wasn’t having any trouble until last night.  So, I suggest, to avoid any problems, use Adkreator in a New Private Window on Firefox.

Right click on the Firefox icon and select New Private Window.

I suggest you still clear your cache a few times and day and delete the Adkreator cookies.  Please follow the instructions carefully in the FAQ’s and restart the browser.

Then open Adkreator in a New Private Window.  That solved the text editor freezing for me last night.  I even logged in and checked my member’s pages that she said she was having trouble with.  Then I was able to add text to her pages.

Tabbed browsers don’t work well with Adkreator’s sensitive script.  My programmer is working on a new HTML 5 script that will be mobile friendly, but I have no idea when it will be done.  So don’t get excited yet.

Have a great day/evening!

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