Think About How You Can Make Things Work Better


As humans, we spend too much time getting frustrated with our work online and mad at ourselves and/or resentful about marketing.  Many of us are this way with our daily lives as well.

Guess what?  That doesn’t work.

Here is an example of what I went through taking 20 years of ballet classes and still do.  There is always work to be done.

I take ballet classes for exercise and enjoyment a few times a week and have been doing so for over 20 years.  It is very difficult to learn as an adult who started in my early 40’s and now I am 64.  The older I get the harder it gets because us older folks lose muscle tone and get slower.  I tended to get mad at myself in the past, very frustrated (and still do) when I did not do well, so my ballet teacher told me, “Instead of getting mad and frustrated, think about how you can make your dancing better and what might be causing the problems and fixing them.”   So if I looked in the mirror and saw a lousy body line – I wouldn’t get mad – Instead, I will “Fix It” or in ballet terms “Correct It.”

It’s also a very good way to think about doing online marketing.  Like ballet, online marketing takes a lot of time and years of hard work and practice to perfect it.  Instead of thinking and dwelling on about how bad you are doing, think about how you can make your marketing better by figuring out the cause of the problems and fixing them.  Think about how you can make things work better!

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I own Do It Yourself Advertising Design Made Simple. I am 64 years old and live with my 2 little cockatiels, Baby who is 20 yrs old and Beenie who is almost 15 years old. Skype: barbdel
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