Rules About Using Other Peoples Free Animations

When you are looking to use free animations for your squeeze pages, make sure you read the terms of services on their site.  I needed to add a banner to my Halloween squeeze page full of animations as shown here.  Click on that link to see my squeeze page below and see how I added a clickable banner back to their animation site.  They have a strict rule that you cannot use their animations unless you have a banner of theirs and/ or link on your page with the animations.

Here is a simple banner code you can put together if there isn’t one.

<a href="TARGETLINK" target="_blank">
<img src="IMAGELINK" border="0"></a>


This is the Animation Gold banner you need to use to link back to them for using their animations for free.

<a href=””>
<IMG SRC=””></a>

In order to get this link to work you need to type in the code part in the Autoresponder box.  For some reason it won’t respond if you paste the entire thing in.  So paste in the links and type in the code part around it and it will work!

But you don’t have to do this with your video code or autoresponder code or video code.

Put your target link or affiliate link in between the quotation marks “” and put your image link in between quotation marks ”’

These rules also apply to using free images!

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