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I have people that tell me their advertising doesn’t work, but they haven’t been doing it for very long.  They also don’t brand themselves in a community of like minded people.

To do well in online marketing, you need to consistently brand yourself meaning, putting your picture on your pages, advertising yourself in front of an audience persistently and consistently – daily.  I can’t stress this enough.   You won’t make money overnight either.  It’s not realistic.  Imagine what you would need to do if you opened a store or restaurant.  You would need to do advertising and be in your store or restaurant every day to get to know the people in your neighborhood and they would want to get to know, like and trust you as well.  It’s the same thing for online marketing.  Please don’t expect anything to happen overnight because it won’t.  If anybody told you it would happen overnight, they were wrong.

You need to do your online marketing daily or as close to daily as possible.  If you don’t  put yourself out there daily, people will forget about you and move on to someone else.  The competition is fierce, so get yourself out there, be consistent and persistent.

It takes hard work and dedication to market online.

Brand your pages with your picture on Landing pages, Lead Capture pages, Squeeze pages, Splash pages, and Banners.  (Landing, Lead Capture, and Squeeze pages all mean the same thing.) Adkreator is specifically designed so you can do that.

Advertise your pages in the traffic exchanges and mailers.  You can learn training for that on Click Track Profit.  It’s free to join.

If you haven’t read my new improved Adkreator guide, download it here.  I am also working on adding more things to the guide so that it will have as much information as possible.

FYI: Open Adkreator in a “New Private Window” in Firefox and a “New Private Window” in Microsoft Edge for desktop users. Open Adkreator in Google Chrome for laptop users.  You also need to clear your cache in the browser, delete cookies and clear browsing data when surfing the internet.  There are more details in the FAQ’s 



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