Practice Makes Perfect!

I was just reading Tom Wacker’s blog post today about Practice and he gave me an idea for a blog post here on my Adkreator Blog!  Tom was talking about how he was watching a little boy teach his little brother how to ride his new scooter and how the big brother was mentoring little brother patiently.  And then the little boy was out there practicing riding his scooter for quite a while.  And I am sure the little boy will continue to practice riding his scooter at least a few times a week if not every day.

The same thing goes for using Adkreator.  It takes practice to get use to using Adkreator and time to get better at making pages and banners.  You can even get folks here to help you out as well plus the tutorials in Adkreator and my class videos on this blog.  You need to study, take time to make pages and banners and keep doing it.  Don’t forget to track your pages and banners to see what is working better for you.

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