New Transparent Code With No Hosting of Blank.gif Required! Hooray!!! Clickable Links for Squeeze Pages!

I have a new transparent code here given to me by my good friend Marian Gurowicz of that does not require any hosting of a blank.gif.  Hooray I bet you will be very happy.  This code is used to make a squeeze page clickable.  All you do is put this code in the autoresponder box of your squeeze page.  Save box by clicking on “submit” and drag over your button or text to make it clickable.  Only make one clickable link at a time on your page and save your entire squeeze page before adding another link.

Go to Marian’s Blog post and copy and past it from there.  For some reason it won’t work if you copy and past it from my blog and I have no idea why.


Have a great day!   🙂

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