New Improved Adkreator Guide Updated

I have updated the New Improved Adkreator guide with information about List Building  and Branding Yourself on your Landing pages, Splash pages, and Banners.

It’s easy to brand your pages using Adkreator and you can develop your own, unique design for your pages, over time that represents yourself. (Easily upload your picture in the Adkreator editor.)

Branding yourself with your Landing Pages, Splash Pages, and Banners is highly important to do when marketing online to become a well recognized individual.  Participating in Traffic Exchange chats, Skype rooms, forums and other chats is highly effective over time when getting people to know, like, and trust you.  

People generally don’t like to buy products off of pages with unknown owners.  They could be the latest scam or fly-by-night scheme.

People are more likely to sign up to your lists when you have a picture of yourself on your pages and in the chats.  Please use your current picture – not a high school graduation picture from 30 years ago.  You might find yourself being invited to talk on camera in one of the webinars and you will want people to recognize you for who you are.  Offer to help others – be a mentor for newbies.  This will help you gain more recognition in your entrepreneurship as well as showing that you genuinely care about other people.  Most people appreciate other others that are helpful and caring.

To get the new updated version of the Adkreator guide log into your Adkreator account and click on button on the left-hand side green menu that says “ADK-Ebook Guide.”

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