New Backgrounds and Enhanced Backgrounds Added!

I have added some new background images and the older background images have been enhanced.

You will find the image backgrounds in the edit section of you splash page or squeeze page that you have already made.  Log into Adkreator and go to the left hand side menu and click on “My Designs.”  Click on the design you wish to add a background to only once and scroll down and they are right under “Background Color.”  Click the green “Apply Button” to save it.  See the screen shot on this link.

After you have saved a background to your page, make sure to apply the background again after every time you edit your page.  Editing your splash page or squeeze page and saving it will cause the background to come undone.  So remember to check your page by viewing it and refreshing it to make sure it is still there.  If it isn’t just add it again and save it with the “Apply” button.

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