New Animation Site with Halloween Animations!

I found a new animation images site to use for your seasonal animations.

I discovered this while surfing the Traffic Exchanges today.  I went to add my Halloween landing page and noticed my animations were gone.  Animation Gold is no longer an active site.  So I added a few animations from the Halloween section of  Their images are much cooler with a larger selection.  They have a code that is very easy to copy and past from the right hand bottom corner of the animation.  All you do is paste that code into the auto-repsonder box on a squeeze page (landing or lead page) in Adkreator! You need to move the box around to place it in the position you want it, but that’s the fun part.  Open the visual page in the tab next to the one you are editing in for guidance and refresh to see the update.  Don’t forget to save before exiting the edit page.

Of course allow businesses to use their images as well and personal sites.

This was my great discovery of today and suggest you use it.

Wishing you success.

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