How to Change the Background Images in Adkreator

Hello to everyone.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter if celebrating it, and hope you had a wonderful Spring day if you don’t celebrate Easter.

Are you having trouble changing your background images in Adkreator?

Make sure you have cleared your cache and deleted your Adkreator cookies in Firefox.  See instructions here in the FAQ’s 7th one down.

Then Open a “New Private Window” in Firefox.

* Right Click on the Firefox icon and choose “New Private Window” with the purple mask icon.

1) Log into your Adkreator account and go to “My Designs”.

2) Go to the design you want to change the background on.

3) Click on it once.

4) The scroll down to “Background Image” and select “None” from the drop-down menu

5) click on the green “Apply” button – lower right.

6) Click on your page link on the next tab

7) go to it and click the Refresh icon.  You will then see a plain white background.

8) Now go back to your page where “My Designs” is

9)  and go to the “Background Image” drop-down menu and

10) select the background you wish to add and

11) click on the green “Apply” button lower right.

12) Then refresh your page again.

If your page isn’t refreshing for some reason try clicking on the link again.  Continue this sequence until you are happy with the background image you have.

If you want to change to the plain background colors do the same thing.  Except you should not need to click “None”  to change to each color.

This is not in my Adkreator Guide and I apologize for this.

Have a great day/evening!


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