FYI Adkreator Has An Affiliate Program

In case you didn’t know this, Adkreator has an affiliate program.  I was in a webinar today and most of the people there forgot it has an affiliate program.

I pay commissions on a weekly basis to my members.  I pay PayPal commissions weekly and Payza commissions once in a while.   So get out there and promote Adkreator!

I’ve had to disable the forms for entering your PayPal and Payza emails due to abuse.  So please send in a support ticket to me with your PayPal and/or Payza email addresses to me and I will manually enter them into your account through the administration area.

Here is a chart of the membership comparison and commissions that are paid.

Membership Comparison

Features Free Platinum Business Corporate
Design Ads
Designs Saved 1 10 300 9999
Designs Hosted
Edit Saved Designs
Splash Page Designs
Squeeze Page Designs
Commissions 5% 20% 30% 35%


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