Consistency – a Necessity for Advertising


Consistency in advertising is absolutely necessary for branding yourself and winning the trust from your prospective customers.  Without this, you’re not going to get anywhere in online marketing.

The same rule goes for making your splash pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, lead capture pages and banners.  (Squeeze Page, Landing, Capture all mean the same thing.)

You must get your face out there.  It’s the only way, so put your picture on your pages.  Learn how to use Adkreator, develop your brand and a unique look.  It’s not going to happen overnight though and it takes time and practice.  So please don’t give up so quickly.   Have someone design a logo for you.  You can get cheap logos made on Fiverr if you need one or develop your own logo over time with a few online design courses.

Learn the principles of graphic design for as little as $10 on  I’ve purchased some courses on this site and they are really good.  I think I will take a design course myself since I own a design program.  I think I might try this one, Graphic Design – The Quick Guide.  These courses will give you some great tips.

I believe that “learning” is something you need to add to  “hard work” that leads to success.  (See quote below.)

“Success isn’t always about greatness.  It’s about consistency.  Consistent hard work leads to success.  Greatness will come”.

_______ Dwayne JohnsonBe

Be persistent when showing your pages, even if you don’t get anyone checking them out right away.  Try changing your design, make sure it’s clear and easy to read.  Make a few pages with different designs and see which one works better and gets the most clicks.  It takes time and won’t happen over night.  Persistence,  consistency and hard work are the key factors to becoming successful.


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