Attract Attention To Your Lead Pages with Christmas Animations

It’s not too early to put up your Christmas animations on your lead/landing pages.

Don’t forget that lead page or lead capture page, landing page and squeeze page are all the same thing.  You will get them memorized in no time.

I found a new animations website that allows free commercial use of their animations as long as you link back to them on your page.  I just use a small discreet link at the very bottom of my page here right under the Christmas tree:

Adding the link code and animations is a fairly easy process.  But if you are new to this I have a few videos on how to do this, and it takes some practice.  But that’s the fun of it.  Go to  6th video down.  It takes a while to load, so make sure to turn on your volume and you will know when it’s loaded.  This blog post will help explain some of it also.

It just takes some practice.


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