Adkreator Gives Away 29 List Building Packages to Upgraded Members

Did you know that Adkreator gives away 29 List Building Packages with a product to it’s upgraded members along with lead capture pages, also known as landing pages or squeeze pages, to boot?

Yes, Adkreator does have 29 free List Building Packages with an e-book product you can give away so you can generate leads!  All you  need to do is upgrade to a Business membership that allows you to save 300 designs, recommended, so you can use all 29 products to build your lists with.  There is also a Platinum membership you can start with that will let you save 10 designs.  You can always upgrade to the Business level later.

I normally don’t like to pitch my memberships on my blog but this is certainly worth the price.  I don’t want to let this great deal go unannounced.

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