Add Animation To Your Adkreator Pages with A Squeeze Page and Autoresponder Code Box.

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You can now add Animation to your  Adkreator pages with a squeeze page and the auto responder code box.  It’s that simple!

To add an animated image to Adkreator just  add the following with your animation image link to a squeeze page using the auto responder feature:

<img src=”___CHANGE THIS TO YOUR ANIMATION LINK___”></img>

Just erase what is between ” and ” and enter the link there.

I found that I need to type in the code in the auto responder box for it to work properly.  If I paste the whole thing it didn’t work.  So just paste in the link and type in the <IMG SRC=”YOURLINK”></IMG>


See recorded video here on my blog on how to use the auto responder box.  And check other class videos for more help, too on this blog.

You need to have your own animations…you can find free animations all over or you could use an animated banners from one of the TE’s or Traffic Exchanges.  You can also  use an

animation creation tool online…just Google free animation generator and there will be all kinds of them you can use to make animated images, buttons, etc.

Make sure the animation is in a gif format.  Adkreator does not support swf format.  But FlashVortex has both java script code and swf format code.  JavaScript works well in Adkreator.  FlashVortex has a membership fee to use commercially.
Look On Rhonda’s  new membership site for Make My Splash, she has some free generators that will make mouseover effects that people can also use on Adkreator.

Rhonda has been kind enough to help me with all of this so please check our Make My Splash.

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