5 Tactics to Conquer Fear


My good friend, Randy Ritter – God rest his soul- told me a few years ago to subscribe to Waldo Waldman’s site for updates. Waldo Waldman is a Lieutenant in the airforce and flew fighter jets. He is also a speaker and coach. This is his site:  https://yourwingman.com/

On his blog Waldo discusses the 5 tactics to conquer fear.   This is something he learned from being a pilot for fighter jets.

Randy used to do a show every few weeks about how we could improve ourselves with positive action.  I really enjoyed his shows. Randy would even get tearful at times when he talked about his past.  He was an awesome man!  I miss him so much.  I have wanted to do the same kind of show for others, but haven’t yet.  I should do this.  Randy used to dream about flying a special kind of fighter jet but I can’t remember the name of it.  Was it an F 16?

Here are the 5 tactics on how to conquer fear in a brief form.  You can get all of the details here on Waldo’s blog.

As a fighter jet pilot, Waldo talks about how he has a wingman to back him up if something goes wrong.  We should all have wingmen to help back us up!  You can’t go wrong with that.

Stop being fearless.  It is a cliche and unreasonable.  Acknowledge your fear and use it as an ally.  Fighting your fear makes it worse.  You can overcome it by using positive action.

Outsmart your obstacles.  Confidence builds courage and courage crushes fear.  Develop new skills.  Take a course on communication or sales.   Hire a coach.

Nurture your team.  Build relationships, not obstacles with others.  Have wingmen to go to for help.

Focus on the mission.  Focus, Focus, Focus!  What more can I say?  Why are you doing this?  What are your passion and your goals?  Don’t lose sight of what you’re fighting for.

Think outside the cockpit.   Don’t focus on yourself if you feel fear.  Focus on others and how you can help others.  If you are feeling full of fear, helping others will diminish the fear.

Don’t let fear push you of course of your goals.

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