How Do I Open AdCreator.Design in a New Private Window in Firefox? Tutorial with Screenshots.

For best results when working on Adkreator aka AdCreator.Design, open in a New Private Window in Firefox and Clear the Cache and Cookies as well.


  • We need to uncheck the “Performance settings” in the Firefox settings menu.
  •  Go to the 3 little grey bars in the upper right hand corner for the Firefox menu.
  • Click on the 3 grey bars in upper right hand corner in Firefox for the settings menu.
  • Click on “Options”   “General Tab”  Scroll down to “Performance Settings” and uncheck it.  Leave the “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available”  Checked.    “Content Process Limit” should be at “4 (Default)”

Open Adkreator in a New Private Window in FireFox Web Browser. Continue reading

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How Do I Get The Best Results When Working On AdCreator.Design?

To get the best results when working in AdCreator.Design, make sure you clear your cache and delete your cookies when using Firefox.  Also, make sure to open AdCreator.Design in a New Private Window in Firefox.  If you don’t do this, you are going to have freezing problems.  Follow the links in this paragraph for details and instructions.

If you have never used AdCreator.Design, your web browser will ask you if you want to “allow” or “run” Adobe Flash Player.  Allow Adobe Flash Player to run on your browser to work on AdCreator.Design, because it won’t work without Flash Player.  Continue reading

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How Do I Clear the Cache and Cookies in Firefox?

For best results, when working on  Adkreator aka AdCreator.Design,  Clear your Cache and Cookies in Firefox and Open Adkeator in a New Private Window as well.

Click on the 3 bars in the square box to the far-top-right shown below, then click on “Options”.


Now click on “Privacy and Security”  Continue reading

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How to Add Your AdCreator Design Squeeze Page to Your WordPress Blog or Website – Tutorial

I’m going to show you how easy it is to add your squeeze page to your WordPress site.
Log into AdCreator.Design alias and go to left hand side menu and click on “My Designs” 3rd green button down.

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6 Mother’s Day Page Designs to Give Your Business a Boost!


Presented here, are 6 Mother’s Day page designs, to give your business a boost!

I have included both Squeeze page designs and Splash page Designs on this post.

Splash pages make great landing pages to get your prospects interested in your business site.

Lead Capture pages or Squeeze pages are a good way to get prospects on your email list or autoresponder list, so you can follow up with them about your products and/or service. Continue reading

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What is the Difference Between a Splash Page, Landing Page, Lead Capture Page, and Squeeze Page?


Many of you may be wondering what the difference is between a splash page, landing page, lead capture page, and squeeze page.

3 of these pages are basically the same type of page except for the different names that are used for the pages.    The names may vary because of different industries using their own “jargon” or  the language insiders use to communicate with each other.

All 3 of these names, landing page, lead capture page and squeeze page have a lead capture form on them.  The prospect will sign up with their name and email address for more information, and sometimes with a free gift added to reward the prospect for signing up to the lead capture form which is connected to a marketer’s list of prospects. Continue reading

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6 Samples of AdCreatorDesign Squeeze Page Designs

In this blog post, I would like to present 6 samples of  my Adcreator.Design Squeeze pages, to give you a better idea of how your squeeze pages can look.
These are only just a few of the many that can be created with AdCreator.Design.

Click here to view page.

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How Do I Make A Squeeze Page? Tutorial with Screen Shots.

Before we get started making a squeeze page on this tutorial, I highly recommend using Google Chrome for your web browser.  Then make sure the browsing data is cleared.    I do not recommend using any other web browser.  Anytime that you are working for a long period of time, on AdCreatorDesign, and it freezes, this means you need to clear your browsing data.

Click on the 3 dots circled in yellow below on your browser, then click “More Tools,” then click “Clear browsing data,” then click on the Blue, “Clear Data” button.  You are ready to go after the browser is done clearing the browsing data.

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Why Do I Need a Splash Page for My Business?

A splash page is a great way to bring in visitors to your business with a visual “Call to Action”.

“Call to Action” (or in marketing terminology, is a way to provoke immediate response,) is very important when marketing your website.  Showing your website’s front page doesn’t always do the job of enticing a viewer into a conversion.   It’s best to use an attractive graphic with a convincing headline.

AdCreator Design is a DIY or Do-It-Yourself Advertising  Design platform which you can make
splash pages with.

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Need a Splash Page for Your Business Website?


Easy, low-cost, diy web
advertising design!
With you can create beautiful, effective splash
pages (plus more) for your business website at a very low cost, even free for
the most basic designs.
And ….
If you feel design and technology challenged, I will help
you, for a very reasonable cost starting at $25 for a basic designed splash
When you choose, you can do many kinds of
website ad designs:

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